Friday, January 05, 2007

Photo Resolutions

1.3.07 Morning Sarah, originally uploaded by MotherBunny.

! would like to take more photos this year. Especially photos of my children. I am slowly learning how to use my photo editing software and trying to take pictures that are pretty good to start with. Inspired by Tracey's post on Picture This, and using her link to Photojojo, I have made several photo resolutions for 2007. (Get it? Resolutions? Photos? HA!)

1. I will take pictures EVERY DAY. Even it is is just one and it is of a toddler yelling, "No take-a picture at me!"
2. I will learn what some of the manual settings on my point-and-shoot do. There's only like 3 or 4. How hard can it be to learn mountain, flower, lightening bolt, stack of papers and timer? (I think I already know how to use the timer!)
3. I will take pictures of myself. We recently unearthed our tripod and I want to take more pictures with me in them. Too many time I hide behind the camera. In 20 years I really want my kids to say, "Wow, Mom, what made you do THAT with your hair?"

I have started a project on Flickr: 2007 in Pictures. (Yes, I know it starts on the 3rd, but since that is when my husband went back to work, that is when the new year started for me) Once I figure out how to link it and all, I will. Maybe I will even figure out how to get a fancy-schmancy sidebar link to Flickr. (Or maybe my sweet husband will figure it out for me!)


Be Inspired Always said...

I did the same thing. Started taking more pictures of my children. I actually posted them on my blog for the first time.

Jenny said...

You totally need to get on

I post a picture a day and I'm loving it.

(And if you do...look for Daisy pseudonym.)