Friday, January 05, 2007

BSG 1.0 Mission: Accomplished

I pretend that I only watch things on TV that everybody likes, like, Heroes, Grey's Anatomy and The Office. Things that I would talk about with my coworkers over lunch (You know, if I had coworkers). But since all of our shows have been taking a looong winter vacation, we have been getting some miles out of our Netflix subscription.
My husband and I just finished watching the first season of

Battlestar Galactica

And it was AWESOME!

I don't like to publicize this fact, but I am a (whispers) secret nerd. I dress normally, don't get me wrong, I don't wear horn-rimmed glasses or pocket protectors or anything. And I wouldn't be caught dead dressing up to attend a Renaissance Faire. But I sometimes delve into the subculture that brought us things like computers, the internet, and massive multiplayer online gaming.

Hence, we tried Battlestar.
And it is great. The season ending cliffhanger was unbelievable! I can't wait to get the second season in the mail.

So, are there any other closet nerds out there? Maybe anybody else who is a whole 2 seasons behind on this sci-fi hit?

(Ok, pretend I didn't say anything.)

Anybody see The Office this week?


Jenny said...

BSG fracking rules! I just started watching it a month ago but I'm already caught up. Totally addicted.

By the way...nothing wrong with attending a Ren Fest once in awhile. It's only dorky if you go dressed up like a trekkie who accidentally teleported into the past.

Steve said...

Matt was just telling me I need to get into BSG. He has also been telling me I need to join him at a "RenFest" (that's what the insiders are calling offense Jenny). My secret tv fixes are: 24, The Office, Survivor, and The Apprentice.

Steve said...

Oh I almost forgot our most recent guilty pleasure, LOST. Going through the first 2 seasons on DVD was totally awesome. Watching season 3 on TV has been painful, they've taken a 12 week hiatus. i much prefer having the option to watch 4 episodes at once, then go to Blockbuster and get the next DVD.

'eff, now with a J! said...

Don't worry about being a closet nerd. I do nerdy things and talk about them to co-workers. Eventually you will come to realize that it's ok to be a nerd, and you can come out of the closet ;-) Or maybe that's what this post was.

Speaking of which, 10 days until the WoW expansion! Are you coming back???????

Bunny said...

I am getting excited about the expansion and am very anxious to get back. I miss WoW!

isabel said...

I haven't ever seen it. But I keep hearing how awesome it is. I admit it surprises me.

mk said...

I also have never seen it, but would probably like it if I watched - I just have too many shows to start anything new! i did watch the Office though! My fav show right now!