Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Code Red: Stay in Bed

It's a snowy Valentine's Day and my little family started the day with exciting news: my husband's work is under a Code Red today which means he gets to stay home with us all day long! So we watched the Today show while we fed the kids fruit snacks and enjoyed making fun of the special Valentine's segments.

Our favorite segment by far was this one where a floral expert described to Al Roker the meanings of the flowers you may send to your sweetheart. I'm sure you all know that red roses means true love. But did you know that if you are newly in love it is appropriate to sent lilacs? Don't get them confused with lavender, though, because those mean "I don't trust you." Orchids are very suggestive and if your bouquet includes bird of paradise something wonderful is about to happen.

The important thing to learn from this is don't send anything yellow! Yellow roses are signs of jealousy, yellow lilies mean you're lying and yellow carnations mean rejection. If you are rejecting someone, why send flowers? Doesn't that in itself send the wrong message?

I think my husband was shocked and asked if women knew these meanings. I did not. I think it scared him a little into thinking that he might buy the wrong flowers (you know, if the occasion arose for flowers).

When we were first dating my husband would bring me daisies. (Gerbera daisies mean purity, but there's no listing for the regular kind.) He brought me beautiful bunches of white daisies and then he would bring me purple daisies. The flowers lasted a long time, longer than any roses, and when the one bunch would start to die off, he's bring me more.

This Valentine's Day we have plans to stay home, make meatloaf and snuggle with the kids. We might walk up to town and buy presents for the kids cause their mother is a slacker who used the recent cold weather as an excuse not to go out and buy Valentine's presents.

Mom made me get bundled up and sit in the cold, wet snow again. Please don't tell her how cute I am, it just makes her do this more!


frannie said...

I guess I love white roses because I'm so pure. (me watching for a bolt of lightning from the sky!)

I just want to nibble on Sarah's cheeks! the are delicious!

Swistle said...

What a little pretty-in-pink you have there!

That Chick Over There said...

Sorry can't help it. I have to say she's cute!

Anonymous said...

Yep, can't NOT say that she's adorable and needs to be bundled up & photographed much more often!! Sorry Sarah!