Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sarah Signs

Sarah is growing by leaps and bounds these days. She stands and cruises around the furniture. She babbles and laughs and is eating like a little miniature trucker. One of the best things about this new stage is that she communicates with almost-words.

Sarah says, "Mama" and has for a long time. She also says, "Jack" although it sounds more like a cross between a j sound and a ch sound. And last night she very clearly said, "Da Da" while diving out of my lap and toward the door where Daddy was reading books to Jack.

In addition to the actual words, Sarah uses several signs. She knows "more" and "all done." She also signs along the Itsy Bitsy Spider with me, clapping at the end. (I tried to take a video of this, but it's just her watching me sing and clapping at the end.)

It is starting to hit me that Sarah will be a year old in just over 5 weeks. It is time to start planning her birthday party! I can't believe that I will be the mother of two kids. Not just a toddler and a baby, but two not-babies. Two walking, talking little people.

Sarah has come such a long way in a year. From her speedy and eventful birth in our bathroom, she has become this little girl who kisses and waves and sways to music. I am in awe of this person who, from the moment she was born, has made a solid, yet soft, sweet and snuggly, place for herself in our family and my heart.


Jenny said...

"Like a miniature trucker"

It's lines like this one that make me love you.

alfredsmom said...

I was going to ask how old she was now, and then you said! :) She looks absolutely adorable in that sleeper. Did you blog about her birth? I want to go back and read about it. Sounds.... well, sounds very scary!

Bunny said...

I did blog about her birth, but not in much detail. I was pretty much using it to update people in RL about our excitement. I think I will revisit it with Sarah's one year post.