Friday, March 02, 2007


Hands free

Now, with videos!

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Please ignore my singing of The Itsy Bitsy Spider. In fact, just watch it with your computer on mute. When the spider gets washed out, Sarah makes her sign for "all done."

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Disclaimer: You may not find these videos as riveting as I do unless you are related to Sarah and me. Tough cookies. This is my blog and she is darn cute!


Steve said...

What is it with cell phones? Katie LOVES them, and tries to talk on them just like Sarah is in the video!

Anonymous said...

OH SHE'S TOO STINKIN' CUTE! Love the pictures! Love the videos! I find them most riveting, and she's not even mine! But when a baby is THAT cute, it'd be criminal not to share them!

ARGH! Maybe she can call Jojo on his cell phone this weekend and they can bleat back and forth?

frannie said...

oh, my!!! she is darn cute! super darn cute!

thanks for sharing those!

mk said...

too cute! In the first video I hear an elmo toy in the background. Is the one that is kinda like a clock and you turn it to like 4 options and teh ends of teh song sounds like gurgeling or ringing, etc?

Bunny said...

You are right, MK. It's the Elmo toy! Maybe next time I want Sarah videos, he will have to be in another room. I have one, where I'm trying to get her to talk and I keep saying, who's on the phone? And Jack keeps answering me from off to the side. You can't hear Sarah at all!

Jenny said...

Oh my lord, she's adorable!

(And you, my dear, are a fabulous singer.)