Monday, May 21, 2007

Real Moms

Real moms eat the mushy, drooly cracker rejected from the toddler because it's easier than finding a place to set it until you can get to a trash can.

Real moms find sippy cups with solidified milk in them. Or fuzzy juice. And we just throw them in the dishwasher so we can have another cup in the rotation. (Also, real moms just throw away a sippy cup if it has clearly been over 10 months since it was lost. And real moms know it has been 10 months because the cup was in a bag that hadn't been unpacked from the trip to the beach last year.)

Real moms have to hear the most dreaded sentence: "I put my poopies on your window," and then deal with it without hurting anyone. (Thank goodness it was only the window and some trim that is easily washed off!)

Real moms: doing the family's dirty work, so we only live in minimal filth.

I was tagged for this a long time ago by the beautiful bloggess Jenny over at Mama Drama. Her take on this meme was so good, she used pictures and fancy editing and everything. Take a look here. I have seen this one go around the blogosphere once or twice and there is even a Real Mom Truths blog now!


Mama Drama Jenny said...

I love it! And I can relate to every single damn line, especially eating the soggy cracker and washing the furry cup.

You nailed it.

PS. Here's the link if you want to use it instead.

mk said...

Oh I hear ya on the sippy cup! We just dicovered one this weekend from a bag we took to the Angels gae last season - and diapers that were to small.

Great job representing!

PS.. I am still laughing about the poop.

frannie said...

very nice! and very true!

AJsMom said...

Just discovered your blog through the MamaDrama comments. I SO hear you on everything. I am reading all of your past posts to catch up. I am also in potty-training hell with my two and a half year old son. Yippee! I've found a soul sister!

Will's Mom said...

I am sooo looking forward to sippy cups and crackers now :)

AM said...

Poopies on the windoW!!! Too funny. At least he told you instead of just discovering on your own.

Much More Than A Mom said...

Hah! My minimal filth is getting pretty freaking bad. Good one.