Monday, June 04, 2007

BSM and SLR?

I'm starting to really think about my next camera. I think I'm ready to make the jump to an SLR. If you're here by way of Tracey's, let me know what you're using. Are you a P&S like me? How fancy is your SLR? Are you a Nikon or Canon person? What is your recommendation for the first-time SLR user?

Check out the rest of today's best shots.


Alissa said...

Oh, I love the legs. I can never get enough of baby legs.

I'm from Picture This. I use a Canon Rebel digital. I love, love, love it. It takes great pictures right out of the box and then it can grow with you to turn you into a superb photographer as you learn more and more.

christinator said...

Love the sand on her butt! Such a cute shot. I love pictures from behind...sometimes they show so much more than a face shot.

We can embark on the SLR adventure together! I have a P&S (Kodak EasyShare) but I am feeling so frustrated by its limitations and am starting to research SLRs. Watch my blog for a post on it soon!

melody said...

Those chubby baby legs, the sand on her bottom say it all. I love this shot.

I use a Canon Rebel and adore it. I'm driving my family completely insane with my "habit".

ktjrdn said...

That's too funny. I did my baby from behind in her swimsuit today too. It seems like she's always walking away fomr me when i have my camera out, for some reason. LOL.

Jen said...

I, too, love the the sandy bum! Great capture ;-)

natalie said...

Ahhh!! Those baby thighs!!!! Love this picture.

I use a Canon Rebel Digital...LOVE IT.

sierrajuliettromeo said...

yay for summer! i love "from the behind" shots, and that sand on the butt makes this one even more awesome!

i just switched to a dSLR the end of april. i got a nikon d40, and i really like it. i hear the canon rebel is great too. the one thing i regret about the d40 is that it isn't auto-focus compatible w/ my favorite super fast lens, the 50mm f/1.8, which is a totally awesome magical lens for portraits. with that big of an aperture, you can shoot at pretty high speeds, which i'm sure you're finding out is totally necessary w/ a baby.

i'm actually thinking about upgrading because i really, really, really want to use this one lens. am i nuts? probably.

i know the canon slrs have a similar lens, so if the rebel is compatible w/ such a lens, i'd go w/ canon. if you don't care about using a fixed focal fast lens, then the nikon d40 is the cheapest, best entry level dSLR on the market right now.

here are some reviews by photographer ken rockwell:

and i have to say that shooting w/ a dSLR is like night and day compared to shooting w/ a point 'n' shoot. just imagine. you press the shutter button and voila! no wait time! instant photo!

good luck on your camera quest!

Paige said...

I just got a Canon Rebel XT about 3 months ago and love it. I would highly recommend. But it was really hard for me to decide which one to get.

allie said...

Love the sand;) And the chubs for legs, yummy!

I am a fellow point and shooter, but I just made the leap to a Rebel Xti. (It arrives tomorrow -- yippee!!) I researched a lot, and like the Rebel because of the price, size, and it was a great learning camera. I see some amazing pics with it. Also, you can invest in the lenses, and still use them if you ever upgrade.

I got some good advice from a buddy. She said to buy the 'body only' with the camera, and buy the lens separately. She said the lens that comes with the camera isn't very good, and everybody ends up getting another lens anyway. I got the 50mm f/1.8 by recommendation. Cheapest price I found for camera and lens was at amazon. (but i didn't research too extensively.)

Good luck!

Colleen said...

Love those thighs!!!

I'm embarrassed to admit we just have a little kodak easyshare point and shoot. I should think of trying something else... but I'm just afraid to try something new.

kim said...

There is nothing like rolly-polly baby legs. Love the picture!
I use a Nikon D70 and love it. I mostly do P&S. I actually took a class at our local park district to learn more about the manual mode of the camera, but still end up doing most of my stuff by P&S. I like it that I can change lenses, too, but don't do that very often either. I love the quality and speed of my slr.

frannie said...

I don't know what all those letters mean- but baby's butts are cute- no matter what kind of camera!

Ashlea said...

love the sandy hiney!

I shoot with a canon point and shoot( the A640) that has manual settings, so i have been able to get a refresher on a few things. I had a Pentax film SLR wayyyy back when i used to develop my own film and prints...Its def time to upgrade though...I think the Rebel XTI is the way i am leaning. sorry for the novel ;)

mk said...

How is your week going?

I think I need to start participating in this shot of the week!

Isabel said...

We have the Rebel and I like it. I have no idea how to do very much with it...I hope to learn at some point. What I like is how fast it takes pictures.

Although it has no "video" mode on it. I use my little Coolpix for stuff like that.