Thursday, June 07, 2007

Reading, But Not So Much the Writing

As the weather gets warmer around here I am finding myself out and about with the kids all over town, just about everyday of the week. And so, I haven't been doing much writing (and I'm sure you all were thrilled that I spent this week's writing energy on an analysis of Battlestar Galactica, whose season ended over two months ago).

But I am still reading. There is so much out there that is keeping my screen time occupied.

Swistle had her baby! Her FIFTH baby. He is sweet and dreamy looking and I can almost smell his head. Luckily she prepared by baking 12 dozen muffins for the freezer.

Jenny has declared the Final Meme. Don't worry, I'll be keeping my clothes on around here.

The theme today at Picture This is "spin." I love Tracey's take on it. I am still trying, however, to capture my little lamb in her hysterical head-tilt, drunken, wobbling turn of a spin. I haven't managed to catch it yet.

sweet | salty is the work of Kate, a mama and amazing and prolific writer who is sharing her
intense struggle with her twins in the NICU after an early birth due to a case of twin to twin transfusion. She is raw and bare and reading her is like being able to hear her and feel her as she tries to stand after being knocked flat by the prognosis of these boys. She has described God as a tinkerer, saying, "My argyle-sweater-wearing God is a tinkerer. Once sparks were sparked he stood back, secondary to the ebb and flow of the natural world. Sometimes things happen that surprise even him, causes and effects that seem to make no sense."

Go read something from somebody that actually has something to say. Unlike me, who will be on my way to the craft store to prepare for today's adventures with these two:


mk said...

We miss you! Have fun at the craft store!

Fab pic of Jack!

Jenny said...

There is never a bad time to talk about Battle Star Galactica.

frannie said...

you always have something good to say. I love reading your posts.