Friday, June 08, 2007

I Just Love These Babies!

Don't let any of my other posts fool you, one and three are marvelous ages. We had such a fun day yesterday. They were agreeable, playful, and up for anything. We left the house first thing in the morning, came home for naps, then went right back out until way after bedtime. And they were delightful! We ran errands, had lunch with friends, painted tote bags and then ended the evening with a local carnival.

Didn't Sarah do a nice job on hers? Alright, alright, her perfectionist mother had to take over and would only let her play with two unopened and still sealed bottles of paint.

A picture with Mom! My boy was SO excited to be at the carnival. He was a cowboy on this horse and spent time telling me about how there is a letter "R" on each of the horse's bridles.

You know how your whole life you've never seen her get in the pool or the ocean, and you've never seen her go on a roller coaster and you've certainly never seen her go on a carnival ride? Well, she's a grandmother now and that will do funny things to people.


christinator said...

What a wonderful, perfect day! Times like that more than make up for the frustrations that are also part of motherhood.

Colleen said...

Looks like such a fun day.

I know what you mean about grandparents doing things they normally wouldn't. I don't ever remember my dad running around and acting all silly... but oh the things he'll do for Zoe. His new favorite place is Chuck E Cheese. Zoe isn't even really old enough... but he just loves putting her on all those little rides!

frannie said...

oh I love days like that!!!

I am so glad that y'all had fun!

And I love Sarah's bag!