Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'll Be There For You, Like I've Been There Before*

My junior year of college I lived in an apartment off campus with my three best friends. The four of us had so much fun together; it really was one of the best years of my life. But we had a falling out and broke our lease and went our separate ways. A couple of us kept in touch and we would sort of hear what the others were up to over the years.

This year, a tragic circumstance brought the four of us to the same place, together for the first time in seven years. Seven years! And it is like we had never left each other.

We have all gotten married and now there are six babies between us.

These girls were some of the most important people to me during one of the most fun and exciting years of my life. We lived the Friends lifestyle, only minus the actual adulthood and career jobs. We borrowed each others' clothes, got annoyed with each other when we left cereal bowls with milk sitting out (yeah, that was me), and saved roaches under bowls for someone else to kill so we wouldn't have to feel the crunch and squish.

In the seven years we've been apart I think I needed that time to grow up (a lot). I guess we all did. And I am so blessed that we can come back together, hang out and watch our children play. And I can hug these girls and kiss them and snuggle their babies like they are my family. They were a part of my life when I was doing a lot of growing up. And I'm so glad they are able to see the woman I've become.

* It's so funny when a cheesy TV theme song can make me teary!


christinator said...

What a beautiful tribute you your friends! I'm glad you were able to reconnect.

And I was *such* a fan of FRIENDS; I cried when it was over!

la bellina mammina said...

Great post - real friends, hard to come by.

mk said...

I loves me some fiends too! So glad that you are all back in touch!

frannie said...

I am so happy that you were able to reconnect with your dearest friends!!

life is too short!

Arizaphale said...

From one 'tear up'-er to another...I have been known to cry in adverts.
Friends like those are gold aren't they. Lovely post.