Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I have something to tell you.

Something that may cause me to be on the receiving end of eye rolls and eyebrow raises and other judgmental ocular movements.

I like Chuck E. Cheese.

I like the pizza.
I like the fact that on a random weekday morning there are only two other families there.
I like that the kids don't have to wait for food with nothing to do, they just run around and play.
I like that I can play skee-ball until my arm hurts (yes, I have a CEC injury).
I like that Jack goes and gets his picture taken all by himself and then brings me a portrait of half of his face.
I like that I make Sarah get her picture taken with me while she squirms and tried to get away and I spend the countdown to "cheese" fixing my hair in case it matters in a Chuck E. Cheese picture.
I like that Sarah runs around yelling and collecting tickets.
I like that she and I play a game where you stomp on the spiders.
I like that I find coupons everywhere and make a game out of finding the best deals.
I like that I have stockpiled hundreds of tokens with good coupons.
I like that today there were reusable cups I could buy for the kids so that I can just bring them back and refill them again and again.
I like that my kids and husband and I can have fun together for lunch and not drive each other nuts waiting for a waitress or trying to keep squirmy kids in a seat.


Wills mom said...

Girl.... I am the skee ball queen.... I think I hear a chuck e cheese playdate in our near future.

Katie's Mom said...

We are huge Chuckie fans. Katie knows the building and we CANNOT drive by if we are not going to go in. The lady behind the prize counter knows her name and that she always wants a tootsie roll. Chuck is definately our friend.

Colleen said...

No eye rolls or raised eyebrows coming from this direction. I'm actually pretty fond of Chuck E. Cheese myself. It's such an easy way to spend a morning.

Misty said...

i strongly like CEC too. I don't think it's that expensive, considering all you get/do. they typically have a great Salad bar... I'm a fan... And a master at acquiring tons of tickets :)

Christina said...

Me too, me too! I love Chuck E. Cheese, and my daughter is a total Chuck E. fanatic! And believe it or now, we spend yesterday morning there, too!

frannie said...

I am with you! I love chuck e cheese.

drama is too young, but I used to take my kids I nannied all the time. especially on week days, when no one was there.

that place rocks!

Arizaphale said...

Sounds cool!! Is it like a play place too? Those places were GOLD when Baby Angel was growing up in the UK. Specially during wet weather (most days)!!
But what is skee ball?