Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wednesday, Also Known as "I've Made it Seven Posts in a Row!"

Does anybody else really like Wednesday? We have no set schedule on Wednesdays, no preschool, no swimming, no weekend to recover from. Wednesday is the one day of the week the kids and I are not doing something, getting ready to do something or getting over and cleaning up after the doing of something. I get to pick what we do, which usually involves hanging out with some mom friends and letting the kids play while I get some adult face time. It's also usually a cooking day for dinner since we have no evening plans. Tonight, however, is a meatloaf that I had stored up in the freezer. This makes me very happy. Jack and I will make cookies after a run to the store for butter. Usually by Wednesday I have done most of the weeks' laundry and we're just plugging through the week.


mk said...

No I do not like wedesdays, but I do lik ethem better then MOndays!!!!

jenny said...

happy wednesday! two days left before the weekend - whoohoo!

frannie said...

Wednesday is the only day of the week we have school! but that makes me love it.