Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Our Fall Shows

Every fall my husband gets out a pad of paper and sits down with the TiVo and an internet tv schedule and figures out what shows we will watch and on which TiVo they will record (we have two, in case we need to simultaneously record things).

This year we added Dirty Sexy Money to our lineup and it has been my surprise favorite. I like that it's not too serious, but there is enough intrigue to keep me interested. I love Karen Darling and her serial marriages, and I can't stand Juliette Darling and her lame Paris-Hilton-heiress role. I love, love Donald Sutherland as the wise, old intellectual patriarch. And I loved Jill Clayburgh in Running With Scissors and she plays a great classic matriarch.

We haven't really stuck with any other new shows this year. We've been really disappointed with Chuck and Bionic Woman. Even my love of Katee Sackhoff couldn't make me stick with it. Both of these have kind of lame storylines and I spend most of the show waiting for them to hurry up and finish some fight scene so we can get on with the plot. (P.S. BSG Razor November 24 at 9:00!!!)

Last year I was surprised by liking Heroes. I am sort of a reluctant sci-fi watcher. This season I'm not into it, but I'm trying to stick it out to see if it gets good again.

My number one, best show, possibly ever, of course, is The Office. Every week I laugh out loud and have to pause the show so that I can compose myself before we continue. I love it, love it, love it. ("The eyes are the groin of the head.")

I also should mention my love of How I Met Your Mother. This was a surprise favorite we stuck with, possibly all because of NPH and his awesome character, Barney. While I believe this is the dumbest title for a show and that we will never, ever meet the mother, this cute, little Friends-y sitcom is one of the first we watch every week.

And, yes, just because it comes on after HIMYM, we are watching The Big Bang Theory. It's dumb and lame, but we are low on sitcoms, so there it is. (And, really, who keeps putting Sara Gilbert on TV shows? Yuck.)

What's on your TiVo?


frannie said...

I am so with you on the office! watching a re-run right now-- where Michael grilled his foot.

bionic women is perhaps the stupidest show ever! we only made it through one episode.

Christina said...

I've got nothing on my tivo...cuz we don't have one. :o( I reeeeally want to get one! I feel so backwards, watching shows at thier appointed times and missing them if we can't be here.

I agree about The Office! And about How I Met Your Mother!

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh, I like "Dirty Sexy Money" too. It surprised me. I'm also enjoying "Pushing Daisies" and "Private Practice" (although I don't watch "Grey's Anatomy").

And I have to say that we love "The Big Bang Theory". The first episode my husband loved, but I didn't care for it much. During the second episode something clicked for me, and I just laugh all the time at it now. And Sara Gilbert was only on there because of Johnny Galecki being on it.

Dawn said...

i am in love with the office. we quote it all the time. this season is still strong as ever!

we also watch HIMYM. my husband is in love with that show. we have the first two seasons on dvd (gifts for dave) and we watched season 1 many times. it's still the best, in my opinion. i heart marshall. we quote this all the time:
"it's fondue! what's not to love? it's dipping stuff in melted cheese!" - Lily
"You're right, that does sound really good. Let's rock this, maturity-style!!" -Marshall

never liked Bionic Woman - the lead actress is so wooden. like a poor man's Jennifer Garner from alias. i am, however, very loyal to its followup, Life. SO GOOD!!
i expect its cancellation any day.

we still watch survivor too. and i have some other guilty pleasures i'm not going to mention now. :)

i'm with Christina, we don't have a tivo. i'm not sure if that'll ever happen.

Colleen said...

We've gotten rid of our Tivo (aaaahhhhh) but have replaced it with another dvr. I'm embarrassed to admit how many shows are recorded. Let's see... Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Heroes, Samantha Who, Bones, House, CSI, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy and General Hospital. And those are just the shows I watch. Nick has more of his own history channel and discovery channel shows... and we have some shows taped from Noggin for Zoe. A whole family of tv addicts live here.

the adventurer said...

My hubby and I play phone tag with my sister and her hubby during The Office commercials....to recap! Last weeks was completely hilarious. I wasn't sold on it the first season, but this season is really hilarious.


Nicole said...

I love the Office too! So upset about the writing strike and how they've had to stop production - BOO! Also LOVE How I Met Your Mother. TV is serious in our house too... hehe!

Arizaphale said...

We loved the first season of Heroes and we are STILL lovin it this time round. Unlike Lost, you get the feeling the writers have a ned point and that we are working towards it. While I loved Lost in the first season...nowadays I feel like they are sitting around saying 'Just how ridiculous can we get without everyone groaning and switching over?" The episode where we found out that Claire is Jack's half sister cam close! :-)
And....what is tiVo?????