Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas, After

Well, now that all the Christmas hoopla has died down, I can finally get a few minutes to actually sit at the computer and read, blog and pour through all the photos from the last 2 weeks.

Our Christmas was the most hectic and crazy I've had yet. Sarah started out the week before Christmas with a fever for 5 days, we sat in the doctor's office for two hours on Christmas Eve, to find out that her illness had progressed to ear infections which required shots of antibiotics in addition to an oral med. She wasn't sleeping, I wasn't sleeping, she clung to me for days, if not the whole week. She is on the mend now, the fever broke Christmas morning and she is getting back to her old self. Fortunately (?) the first part of her personality to return is the part that hits her brother and throws herself on the floor kicking and yelling. (It's actually quite cute, she flops herself to the floor, then turns and looks to see if you're still watching and are appropriately appalled, then she continues with the kicks and yells as you try to hide your giggles.)

Jack is now sick, but he is pretty close to his old self with Motrin. Between doses he is a snuggly sleepy kid who just wants to watch TV on the couch. Now that is the kind of illness I can get behind. Enough with this baby-won't-sleep-so-I-must-hold-her-24-hours-of-the-day crap.

And to further dampen the health of our family this Christmas my 5 week old nephew spent Christmas in the hospital with bronchiolitis. He is now home, but is still pretty sick. I can't wait to hug my SIL and make her dinner. I don't know what to do to help except pray and keep my germy kids aways from him.

But through all the illness, we managed to have a nice Christmas. Jack got his "dang dang" guitar and was thrilled because it is red, his favorite color! Both kids were certainly spoiled by both sets of grandparents and our house looks like...well, I'll spare you the description.

This weekend we'll be getting ourselves back in order, I'll be blogging and reading, and hopefully commenting. I am really enjoying everyone's Christmas wrap-ups.

Christmas morning after the unwrapping.

Poor, sick, snotty baby Christmas morning.


Wills mom said...

I am so sorry you had sick kids for Christmas. Doesn't it just figure though.. you spend so much time getting ready for that day, something just has to go wrong!! I'm glad everyone is feeling better now!

Liz said...

I can't remember when we didn't have at least one of us sick on Christmas!

Where did you find the guitar?