Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What is Santa to Do?

Our workshop is currently full, so burstingly full of presents, that I'm considering saving some things for the kids' next birthdays. I am so excited for them to open, squeal, squeeze, play with and get excited about these presents.

There's only one problem.

My son has very specific things on his list for Santa and is convinced that these are the things he will find under the tree. Any hint of Santa bringing anything not on this list is ludicrous to him: "maybe next Christmas," he will say at the suggestion.

His list:
a "dang-dang" guitar ("because that's the sound it makes")
a microphone
a kid's treadmill (what? he also says I cannot use it, it would be kid-sized)
a ClickStart computer (whew, something I could actually find at Costco)

Santa has prepared to bring him one thing from his four-item list, the Click Start computer.

But all he can talk about is how he will get a guitar. A real one he can play.

What do I do? We've already spent as much money on him as we are willing and have actually spent way too much. But will the absence of a guitar ruin his Christmas morning? Will his belief in Santa be shaken because the big man didn't live up to his expectations? Where the heck would I find an inexpensive kid-sized looks-like-a-real guitar one week before Christmas?

Please tell me he will be blinded by the dazzling display under our tree Christmas morning and
that he will be distracted by his own squeals of joy so that he will not even notice the absence of "dang-dang" sounds.


Wills mom said...

Search Amazon for kids guitars.... there are a ton of them, and they look really cool and inexpensive!! Beth has free super saver shipping, which means it would be here by the weekend.

Christina said...

A kid's treadmill?! That is hilarious! Hmm, I saw a kid's guitar today for $10...but it was bright plastic, not very "real" looking. Good luck!

Melissa D said...

How about Santa leaves a large piece of cardboard for him to make his own guitar?

Here are some links:

I've heard Santa loves creativity!

Liz said...

Last time I was at Costco in Frederick, they had a guitar in the center aisle that was small but very realistic. Makin' Music on N. Market has some good used guitars. They do lessons there so they may have small ones that are used. I'd give them a call. If you are thinking of saving some gifts for birthdays, it might be worth it to find that guitar, just to save Santa's reputation!

Liz said...

Oh and also, my boss is a PE teacher and she bought a bunch of treadmills off QVC for her students. They are strictly run on kid power, no motors.

Mary said...

He will be dazzled and the guitar will become secondary. We've been through a few Christmases and have the routine down: Santa knows best, and he only brings the gift he knows you need.

What does my four year old want for Christmas? A shot gun. HE got this from Walker, Texas Ranger, the cheeziest thing my older kids adore.

Lots of explaining for us when that shot gun doesn't arrive.