Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Inspiration on a Quiet Tuesday Morning

In all the everyday busyness I missed yesterday's Best Shot Monday. But, actually, I have a lot to report on the photography front. After being bored and blah with having to look at the same old subjects inside my same old house day in and day out, I have finally found some color around my neighborhood. And some interesting things to photograph!

There is this photo contest. It is a very small, local contest, and I am very excited to enter. The day for submissions is this Saturday and I have been pouring over my photos, analyzing and squinting and comparing and refreshing and enlarging and photoshopping and hemming and hawing. I have driven up and down streets, parking here, then moving up a little, then moving again, just so I can lean out my car window to try and get some shots. I have walked around in below freezing temperatures, a mitten on one hand and my camera in the other, looking for something to pop, something to call out to me to take its picture.

I am 90% decided on which photo I will enter. I will wait and share it here after I submit it. Then I won't have to second guess myself asking you all what you think. (It is one from this set, so have a look if you like)



In other, very very exciting photo-internet-y news, the new site, Shutter Sisters launched today! Started by Tracey Clark (formerly of Picture This, and of Mother May I and Warmtone), it is a collaborative site of women photographers. There are some amazing women whose Flickr streams, I've been watching for a while as well as some new ones I've added to my reader. There is a Flickr pool where I have gasped and ooh'ed and ahh'ed over the incredible talent in these photos. (I've even added a few of my own modest photographs, hoping they will blend in and not stick out like they don't belong.)


In non-photo events: I spent about an hour sitting in my car waiting for preschool registration this morning. Luckily, it went quickly, uneventful, I got the class I wanted for Jack, and the kids (yes, in the car with me) were good as gold. And this was the returning family registration, so at least I didn't have to be there before 5 am like last year. Isn't this ridiculous?


Oh, and P.S.: Does anybody know why Blogger changes the spacing in my posts after I insert something like the "Shutter Sisters" button? Why is half of it one way and the other half another? I can't figure it out.


tracey said...

You do belong! We all belong! : )
Thanks for helping us share the "click" about Shutter Sisters. It's all very exciting.

Good luck with the contest BTW. Can't wait to see what you chose to enter.

Christina said...

I am so excited for you! I have gone through those periods of creative dryness, too, and it's so frustrating. And then when you find the right thing to energize you...wow, that's awesome! I have been noticing a lot of fabluous photos popping up in your Flickr-stream lately! Best of luck on the contest, can't wait to see what you decide!

Stacy said...

Can't wait to see what you choose to enter! Good luck, and I really like the picture you have up above, too.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks for dropping by, Bunny!

Nice pics 'round here, I notice!

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

One of my best friends (chookooloonks) is part of this site. I just adore it.

And your photographs are wonderful, my friend. Your flicker profile picture is really extraordinary.

Jen said...

Such a beautiful image. The color is stunning! Best of luck with the photo contest...you will do fabulous, I'm sure!! Oh, and we are moving to the Eastern Shore of Maryland...but I don't know exactly when because we are waiting for our house to sell here;-( Can we say stressful???!!!