Thursday, February 01, 2007

Preschool, Sigh

I know, I know, it's preschool. Believe me when I tell you this, I know it is only preschool.

At 5:40 this morning I was in the parking lot at the preschool I want Jack to go to. For a 9 o'clock registration. I was the eighth person there. By registration time there were probably 40 parents there, maybe 50. The particular class I wanted Jack in had only 4 spots open and I did not get one of them. See, siblings of previous students get to register first, so there were only 4 spots left this morning. I am, however, the first person on the waiting list for that class. Jack is registered for another class, but I am hoping, hoping he will get moved up to the one I want.

This stuff is a little ridiculous. And all of us in line this morning in the bitter cold agreed, we couldn't believe we were doing this for preschool. The fact is, though, there are not enough preschools and preschool spots in our area. There are a ton of kids and not enough schools. This particular school had the earliest registration and is one of the only ones closest to our town, hence the large parent turnout.

It sounds like a lot of people put in registrations (and fees!) at a couple schools, to hold their spots and then choose once they know which ones they can get into. It is crazy. Nuts I tell you.

And in the seemingly never ending saga of my sleep deprivation, I've only been awake since 4 this morning. Sarah was up twice which I can live with, but Jack was crying at 4 that he couldn't sleep. He wouldn't go back to sleep himself, so he came into my room with me. And we didn't get much sleep. I should have just gotten up and gone to wait for registration at 4. I wouldn't have been the first one there!


mk said...

The things we do for our kids!

Do they think your chances are good on waiting list?

Bunny said...

The director says that there is always a lot of movement of people pulling out of classes. So, it sounds like there is a good chance. But we probably won't know until summer. :(