Thursday, March 13, 2008


So, let's say that you were standing next to the crib in which your two are children playing. And lets say that the 3 year old climbs in and out of the crib with no difficulty because he's tall and his legs can reach over the rail and he's agile and has more control of his motor skills. Then, let's say that the still-1-but-almost-2 year old tries to do it too. And let's just assume that it was only by the grace of God that you (me) were (was) standing right there to catch the plummeting little girl before causing a spinal cord injury.

Do you:

A. Assume this only happened because the mom-safety-net was right there, and gave her the courage to attempt it, and it will never happen again, certainly not when mom is out of the room.

B. Have visions all night about the broken arms and plan out how you would handle the resulting injuries in the middle of the night, like: visualizing where a magazine is to use as a splint, remembering where your jeans are for a trip to the hospital, maybe making sure your hooded sweatshirt is by the door.

C. Put the mattress on the floor and start shopping for a big girl bed.

D. Ask The Internet what to do.

I can tell you I am hoping for A, and I did B, and now I'm doing D in case I should be doing C.


Mommy Daisy said...

I would hope for A, then try SO SO HARD not to do B (but would probably do it anway).

AM said...

I think I would do B. sorry. I'm hoping Emma stays in her crib for a very very long time.

Colleen said...

Well, Zoe got out of her crib one time last March . She did it again in June. I think she actually did it 2 times in June. Then in July I prepared to make the switch to bed. (I hope these links work).

Zoe is STILL in her crib with no further escape attempts. I'm a wimp about dealing with the switch. But, with a baby on the way... she'll be switching soon.

Katie's Mom said...

Katie has been in her toddler bed since 23 months. She was so excited to get a canopy bed, she never even looked back. And, as of now (knock on wood)she has only gotten up and tried to escape her room once. So, I guess my vote is C, get the girlie her big girl bed!

Swistle said...

The parentheses and the "doing D in case I should be doing C" sentence were AWESOME.

I would put her in there while I was nearby--folding laundry or something--and see if she tried to climb out again. (Actually, I would do B.)

Cribs should have six-foot walls with a little locking door.

Christina said...

I would definitely do D....and then I think I'd probably do C, because that escape has been a long time in coming. N's been *almost* climbing out of the crib for months now but she's never actualyl done it. We did try a toddler bed, but it was a nightmare for all involved. She'd scream and cry for hours, and then when I finally put her in the crib she'd be out in 20 seconds. She loves her crib and isn't ready to give it up (and I'm not either!). So I'm really, REALLY hoping we still have time before she makes the great escape. Good luck!

Stacy said...

LOL, I would be doing C...when you have adventurous and spirited girls like ours, you know when to be safe instead of sorry. ;)

Concerned Residents said...
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Moxie Mom said...

Sorry, but my son has been in a toddler bed since he was 18 months.
No kidding

Get a toddler bed and sleep easier. She'll adjust to it just fine