Saturday, April 12, 2008

My New Home Away From The Computer

Since spring is finally here we've been spending hours a day outside. We built a play set (I use the term "we" loosely), we planted some flowers, we played and played and played. And while I'm really enjoying that there are no dishes to do while I'm outside, there is no laundry to fold (only clothes to get really dirty), there are no floors to sweep and very few toys to pick up, there is also no computer. I have a whole bunch of things I do when I'm not interacting with my children 100%: a whole mess of chores and house stuff, but also blogging, emailing, photo editing, and then throw in treadmilling and TV watching and there's not enough time to fit it all in. What I'm saying is, some of the things that I can do around the kids while inside (dishes, laundry, checking an email here and there) I can't do while we're outside. Which is wonderful. I am spending time with my children uninterrupted by electronics or mundane, boring chores. But then when we come in I still have to do the mundane, boring chores and the computing gets pushed to the side. So, sorry, Mom, I know I haven't posted since Easter, but I'm raising happy, healthy children in the glorious dirt and fresh air. And taking lots and lots of pictures like these:

Click here for the whole set.


Dawn said...

wonderful shots and bravo on all the outdoor time!!

Christina said...

That last photo of Sarah - gorgeous!!

That is fantastic that you are spending so much time outside with the kiddos - that really is the most important thing. I need to follow your example (even tho I would miss my computer!)!! I would love to get a play set built here.

MK said...

J looks so much like your hubby and so big all of a sudden!!!!

Stacy said...

It looks like your time outdoors has been well spent! Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses and play with the kids. :)