Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mommy Time Randomness

This afternoon I came home from all my errands and whatever and put in a movie for the kiddos. They needed to chill and I needed to get some things done. So, maybe I have an hour? or so to figure out how to edit more photos, do some laundry, straighten up the kitchen, return phone calls and emails and read blogs.

Almost an hour has elapsed now and I spent 30 minutes on the phone with a friend, edited one photo, wrote one email and read some blogs. Now the phone rang again to remind me I have to write something for a newsletter and email it today and there is a little girl in my lap holding a party blower up to my mouth telling me to, "blow it, too loud!"


I had an awesome dinner last night though. My husband and I went out with friends to a beer tasting dinner. It was a four course meal and each course was paired with a different Flying Dog beer. I ate smoked duck, one of the best crab cakes EVER, meat on a skewer and fried bananas. While the food was amazing, after being served four full sized beers (I did not finish them all)
we headed down the street to another restaurant for appetizers and dessert.

Also, I have an important question:

Plaid shorts on an attractive man in his early thirties: Awesomely Fashionable or Terribly Elderly?

Awesomely Fashionable?

Terribly Elderly?


Dawn said...

mmm, beer, now that sounds like fun. it sounds like you had a Top Chef worthy dinner experience. watching that show always makes me hungry.

as for your all-important fashion question, i'd have to say somewhere in between. i'm partial to solid-colored cargos on men that age. mmm, mmm.

Wills mom said...

First, I am wildly jealous of all this beer tasting and fantastic food eating you are doing. Where is this place that couples wonderful food with wonderful beer tasting?? Second, I would have to see the face of the said plaid short wearing man to see if it was fashionable or not. But then again, I'm not the most fashionable person out there... so maybe I shouldn't judge :)

We should get together soon... Will might be able to keep up with your kids now!!

Swistle said...

I think it depends on the guy. Cute guy? Cute shorts. Not-so-cute guy? Nerdy shorts. It is unfair, but I think that's the way it is with plaid shorts, and life.

Moxie Mom said...

Let's face it. Plaid for men is back in style.

Take a look at any Banana Republic, Gap, or similar insanely overpriced outfitter.

But the photo display had me laughing out loud!

Christina said...

What an awesome evening, sign me up - and I don't even like beer!

I can soooo relate to that precious time slipping through your fingers!

That Chick Over There said...

Not sure about the plaid pants but the restaurant looks nice! :)