Thursday, August 28, 2008


This summer has been a really good one. My kids are at really great ages.

Four is just the right age for getting to do fun stuff and being able to enjoy it and articulate and converse about it. Four is also such a great age where I get to hear Jack's take on things. He has his own ideas and thoughts and way to see the world.

Two has been challenging, but for Sarah and I two has brought language where before there was only crying and fussing and grumping. Sure, there are a lot of tantrums and throwing oneself on the floor, but at least there are words to go with it, so I can chuckle as I stand my ground that no, when you throw your first snack on the floor I'm not going to serve you another. But in other ways, two has been charming and delightful. Sarah lives 90% of her life in imagination. She is constantly talking, telling stories, comforting her babies, being a princess, and who knows what else, since I don't understand half of it. But she is such her own person who will not be swayed by anything you say or do and in fact will make a stand to do the opposite of whatever you want her to do (and thank goodness for reverse psychology, it is my number one tool for two).

But I have really enjoyed this summer. It has been hectic and busy, and my children have really mastered the art of sibling bickering, but we enjoyed being together as a family a lot.

I love this one, can't you just see the steam coming out of her ears?Oh, and the yell, the "I do not like something with every ounce of my being" yell.

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Stacy said...

Oh, what great shots of your summer and your cute little ones. LOVE the ears steaming one! I get that look often, too. ;) They are so much fun when they start conversing and you can finally know what is going on in their little minds. You don't understand, but at least you get a glimpse. ;)

Mia's Mama said...

LOVE the shot of your daughter screaming and then the one of her on resting on a knee...beautiful contrast between shots :)

Happy TT...and summer

Jen said...

My kids are 4 and 2 also and you are right, it's a really good age for finally being able to do dome fun stuff. Yep, those 2 year olds are a challenge for sure. I love the yelling photo. I can so relate.

Killlashandra said...

Great thoughts about the summer. I have to agree. My little one turned 3 in June and we had so many firsts this past summer it's hard to keep track of them all.

I love that picture where the steam could be pouring out of her ears. Although given the next one it doesn't look like it lasted too long. :)

Megan said...

i like the first one -- those are ones you'll really appreciate later :)!

Christina said...

Your words about "TWO" ring very true over here. Wonderful photos that really capture the emotion, and I LOVE that there's one with you, too!

carrie said...

Two has been a little trying for us, too...but next week she turns three and that will bring all kinds of new trials, I'm sure.

I LOVE the first photo and the resting on the knee one, too. Those are just beautiful! I'm glad you had a good summer!

Golightly said...

I can SO relate to the last two pictures! Harrison is 3, and very much his own person. An lately he has been shooting the shots of death at us.

~ Melody ~ said...

These captured moments are super! I keep trying to type that one is my fave, but can't choose.

But I so know those 'steamy' moments.