Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just So You Know

Let's say you had groundhogs living under your shed. And let's say they were eating your struggling garden. And then you found holes in the siding of the shed where they had chewed. And so you insist that your husband eliminate them in a permanent fashion. And then he takes the two former groundhogs and deposits them in an unused lot in the neighborhood quite close to your house, so that nature can take care of them, circle of life and all.
Two days later, you will have dozens and dozens of turkey vultures just hanging out around your house. Turkey vultures the size of children. So large that when they sit on your roof you can hear them thumping around from inside your house. And they will stay for days, and days, and days, I guess hoping that it was just a couple of groundhog appetizer.
And it will creep out you and any of your visitors to see so many giant, ugly birds just waiting for something else to scavenge.


Swistle said...

Oh no! Oh ick!

Wills mom said...

Tell James to take them to a further away vacant lot in your neighborhood next time :) Are your kids freaking out seeing those things flying around your house??

~ Melody ~ said...

So sorry...and so glad it's you and not me. :o

Christina said...

I guess I should ask how it is you know all this, huh? :oP


the.adventurer. said...

we stayed at the beach an extra day just to have some time away from my garden groundhog that wrestled his way out of our havahart trap. If I'd only kept him trapped in the 5 gallon bucket the other week. I'm sorry to hear you have the same issues. I have tons of tomatoes if you need a couple.