Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Things Making Me Crazy:

My Dishwasher: I have run the same load of dishes 3 times yesterday and each time the soap cup didn't empty and the dishes now have a dishwasher soap haze all over them that I have to soak and hand wash off.

My Daughter: She is in one of those moods where she requires physical contact with me all day long just so she can whine from within close proximity.

Things Making Me Happy:

New Slippers: Costco is stocking up for winter and I purchased chocolate suede rubber soled Dearfoams. Ah, the glamorous life of a stay at home mom...

Eggo Waffles: I usually avoid buying these, but I need some more breakfast options for my sweet food loving boy. I ate two this morning in a butter sandwich.

New Frame: I bought a frame for my sunflower photo. I paid $12 at Bed Bath and Beyond for a 20 x 20 frame with multiple openings. Now I will just have to get the photo printed and buy matting. Then I may actually get something hung up on my walls.


Christina said...

Hey, there's one more in the positives column than the negatives - it's a good day!

MegaMAID said...

Dear Bunny,

Things that make me happy: reading your blog.

Thanks for the smiles!

Hey, assistance needed... likely a stupid question, but how do I request an alert for when you've updated? Is that an "RSS Feed"???

Please email me at my first and last name (no space, no punctuation) at verizon.net.

Thanks! Miss you, and hope all is well!

~Meg :)