Thursday, November 06, 2008


I have often said that Sarah lives 90% of her life in her imagination. She only ever has one foot in this world, and the other firmly planted in a castle or in the Banks's house from Mary Poppins or who knows where else.

She is always singing or talking to whichever imaginary characters are passing through her play. Anything that is remotely vertically-shaped becomes a person: pencils, chapsticks, spoons; she rarely colors, but instead stands up the crayons so they can talk to one another. She carries around unsharpened pencils as people.

Often she tells me she's the "mom" (and that unfortunately I'm the "grandma.")

She fills purses with necessary accessories and strings beads around her neck and clomps around in heeled dress up shoes.

Sarah is connected with the spirit in every thing that we adults just pass by. She befriends animals and pats flowers and talks to trees.

I know that someday she will come down out of fantasy and have to surrender to reality. But until then I will enjoy watching her imagination unfold.

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Jen said...

What a beautiful post. Sometimes I wish I could step into their world for just a few minutes.

Killlashandra said...

What a wonderful post about imagination. I hope she enjoys all those moments as much as possible before reality arrives. I too will miss the days when my little boy stops talking to his stuffed animals and carrying them around with him and giving them rides in the stroller. :)

Great pictures too. The one of her feeding the calf is too cute.

Stacy said...

Beautiful post about her imagination. The pictures tell the story of her travels through her imagination. Wonderful!

Wills mom said...

I just love that picture of Jack driving her around the backyard... he has such a look of determination and seriousness on his face as if he realizes his sister is precious cargo he is carrying :)

Golightly said...

Oh can I just borrow her for a day!! How sweet she is!

Christina said...

What a beautiful post! And lovely pictures. She and my girl have much in common.