Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Happy, Hungry Boy

For the last two nights, Jack has been eating A LOT for dinner. He has always been a good eater, but tonight and last night, my husband and I have both finished eating and sat and waited for Jack to finish. Usually, Jack eats for 5 or 10 minutes, then declares he is done and he gets down out of his seat and goes and plays.

Jack really seems to enjoy food. He LOVES apples. Every day for a snack he's been eating the better part of an apple. He LOVES applesauce. He LOVES using a spoon to eat applesauce and to sauce his belly and lap in the process. He really seemed to enjoy the baked corn we had for dinner. He savored each green bean he ate. And he was delighted to roll chicken nuggets around in ketchup and take large, big-boy bites. He ate smiley-faced potatoes first by licking off the ketchup and then biting through them in two mouthfuls.

We just sat back and watched our happy, fat boy eat and eat until he had had enough.

Tonight's meal was especially messy with the applesauce and baked corn and ketchup, so I undressed him at the table. Once running around in his diaper, he wanted to wear his new hat. He and his dad danced around the living room, marching and playing pretend fifes. Then up the stairs he went, hat on head for his bath.


Anonymous said...

He's the cutest diapered patriot I've ever seen!!! It surprises me that he likes to eat :)


Ben said...

Don't ever let him see the Village People. He may get ideas....