Friday, December 02, 2005

Oh Christmas Tree!

Jack loves having a tree in our house. He points it out every day, "Tree! Tree!" which sounds a lot more like "Chee! Chee!"

Going to get the tree was not very eventful in the photographic family sense. There will not be a scrapbook page about it. We went to our local Home Depot, picked out a modestly sized tree and took it home all in under an hour. Jack was not enamored with the tree selecting process since there are tractors sitting outside Home Depot. Tractors! You would have thought Christmas that day came in the form of big green and yellow John Deers and not the pine-smelling, beautifully shaped tree we had just picked out. The whole time we looked at trees, which was really only about 5 minutes, Jack kept pointing and yelling, "trac-tors! trac-tors!" Like, "how can you people look at these silly trees when there are TRACTORS here?"

So while my dear husband loaded the tree onto the car, Jack and I went and looked at the tractors. He sat on them and turned the steering wheel and pushed all the buttons and tried to move all the gears. He loved it. Until it was time to go. Jack kicked and screamed and cried "TRAC-TOOOOR!" all the way home. While he cried the saddest cry in the backseat, my husband and I laughed while singing Christmas carols very loudly.

As a side note, Jack and I returned to Home Depot later this week. There was a big truck parked in front of the row of tractors so you couldn't see them. But Jack knew they were there. As soon as we pulled up he started saying "trac-tor." He continued to say it all through our shopping until we were done. He got to play on the tractors as long as he wanted and didn't fuss when we left.


Anonymous said...

It's about time you updated! He loves tractors but won't get on Poppop's. I love that he loves to read.


Ben said...

Very cute. We're hoping to start decorating this weekend so we'll see how Abby likes it. Please tell me that you're going to put some colored lights on it. As much as I would love to come visit again, I'd hate to have to forcibly add some color to your tree....


Bunny said...

We prefer the classic white lights, thank you very much.