Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Many Faces of Jack

Most of you know Jack as the sweet, loving, adorable little boy that he is. But sometimes there is another side to him.

That side is turning two.

Tonight at dinnertime, one of Jack's favorite times of day, he had a little trouble settling down. We do the same thing every night and sit in the same chairs every night and follow the same routine every night. Well, tonight when we sat down at the table, he got very upset with his dad. Instead of sitting in his booster seat like always he wanted to sit in Dad's chair. He cried and fussed and pushed and pulled at his dad to remove him from the chair. He yelled "chair!" over and over and "Mama!" and "Dada!" to try and get us to listen to him.

He finally settled for sitting in his chair when his plate was filled with food.

Then he wanted cheese. We gave him cheese. He would eat a bite and demand more. DEMAND more cheese. Even though there was still a little pile on his plate. The act of receiving cheese was clearly more fun than actually eating it.

Then he wanted salad dressing. He doesn't eat salad. But we gave him some to dip his chicken (and fingers) in. And then we had to go round and round about wanting MORE. Not just wanting, but demanding more.

At one point he had settled for a bit to have a drink of water, leaning on the table, red faced and teary eyed. His dad asked him if he was done.

The answer was a very calm, "no." And then our dinner demands continued.

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