Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Daddy's Boy

As we all know, Jack is a funny and cute kid, and everyone just loves and adores him. But there is one person who has a very special relationship with him--his dad.

When my husband walks in the door from work each night, the first person to greet him is Jack. Jack is ready to help him off with his jacket and scarf, watch him hang up his keys and give him a big squeeze and some kisses. Tonight, like most nights, Jack followed his dad around like a little shadow. They played trains together and rolled around on the floor. One of Jack's specialties is helping my husband change his clothes after work. He is very good at putting clothes in the hamper and lugging size 13 shoes into the closet.

For dinner we had Chinese carryout and Jack and his dad shared a bowl of soup ("boop" according to Jack). They dropped crispy noodles into the soup and fished them out with their spoons. Jack claimed that many of the noodles looked like bears (followed by a growl).

These two boys adore each other. Jack looks up to his Dad and wants to follow everything he does. My husband dotes on his son and wants to do everything he can for him.

I am more in love with the two of them every day.

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