Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The East Coast's Largest Outdoor Parade

This Saturday was Hagerstown, Maryland's biggest event of the year. It was the 82nd (I think) annual Alsatia Mummer's Parade. It is my husband's hometown parade and we haven't missed it since we've been together and I don't know if my husband has ever missed it. There were many years that he marched in the parade with his school marching band.

This year the weather was true Mummer's Parade weather (according to my husband). He swears it is the coldest day of the year, or at least the first really cold day of the fall. So we were as bundled up as we have been in a long time. Our poor kids were really a mish mosh of layers. They don't have much that fits since we haven't really gotten into winter clothes for them yet this year. But we went with blankets and sat out in the wind and eventually the rain and watched this beloved parade.

It is quite a sight to see. Every group in Hagerstown participates in this parade. Every school, church, scout group and civic organization has a float in the parade. Every school marching band within a hundred mile radius participates. (I told you it was big) My high school usually marches as well as several from the Baltimore area. There are military groups, fire engines, tractors, sports teams...you name it, it's in the parade. There is even a contest for individuals who march in the parade wearing a costume.

Attending the parade are people from all sorts of walks of life. Hagerstown has a very....eclectic population make up and you get to see them all wandering the streets. It is an interesting experience.

On our way home, in the car I said to my husband, "You know, I have never been in a parade."
He replied, "How sad for you."

P.S. I am featured again on Things I Learned the Hard Way today!


MK said...

You guys look cold! So glad you had a great time. Did the kids dress up for Halloween?

Jenny said...

I've never been in a parade either.

That is sad.

mk said...

We haven;t heard form you on here ina while... is all ok?