Sunday, November 12, 2006

Still Here

So, I know it's been a while since I posted. I was sick and now the kids and hubby are sick. We have been really busy and honestly? I just haven't had much time to myself to write. I have all these blog posts and other things floating around in my head, but I can't make enough sense of them to put anything on paper (er, screen?). I have cute pictures...I promise to post them ASAP. Also, for my blogging friends out there (can I call you my blogging friends?) this whole everybody posting every day in November thing is really slowing down my computing. When I sit down at the computer I usually read a little then write a little. But the reading this month is taking waaayyy too long. I am deleting blogs out of my bloglines left and right to try and scale down to the ones I actually read and comment on. (Don't worry, if you are reading this, I DID NOT delete your feed, you're my blogging friends, remember?)

In other news....

Baby girl has not one, but TWO teeth! Yes, in the 2 weeks since I last posted, Sarah has sprouted two teeth.

Sarah said MAMA! That is my story and I am sticking to it. When she sees me or wants me she says, "Huh-mma." That, my friends, is my baby girl saying Mama!

Sarah can wave hello! She also makes the "gimme that" hand motion when she wants something.

Sarah holds a cup and drinks out of it. By herself.

I swear all these things happened in the last two weeks. So you can see why I haven't had time to post.

Cute pictures coming soon, I promise!


mk said...

I am soooo glad all is well! I was going to e-mail you this am to make sure you were ok, but then I was side tracked by the monster that has taken over my house! Gla dyou are back and looking foward to pictures!!!

Bunny said...

I'm just so excited that I have at least one loyal reader I am not related to!

Jenny said...

Poor thing! Get some rest!

Nicole said...

First off, glad you're back! :) Isn't it amazing how all of the things that the little ones do seem to happen all within these spurts of time? SO exciting!!