Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Things by Sarah

1. Paper, any kind. Especially really crinkly, noisy paper and any kind that tears apart easily or dissolves with baby slobber.

2. Crawling into tight spaces. The harder it is for Mom to get me out, the better. Bonus if it is a small space with paper, say like, under an end table with magazines. Or even in a cabinet that might have bottles and bowls and sponges to chew on.

3. The knobs that cover the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor. Even better are knobs on toilets in tight spaces. Like in Mom and Dad's bathroom where the toilet has it's own little room!

4. Carrots. Cook them in soup, please, until they are mushy and soft and taste soooo good.

5. The soft, pink, fuzzy lamb that lives in the crib. His ears are so sweet and chewable and he is so soothing when it's time to go to sleep.

6. Hair. Especially Mommy's. It is so long and pullable. It is also good to taste.

7. Neck kisses. These are so ticklish! I will squeal and giggle and forget whatever it was I was upset about.

8. My mommy. Please don't go in the other room. Stay right here where I can see you. No, better just stay where I can touch you. Maybe you will just hold me so I know you won't get away.

9. Long nights' sleep. A girl needs her beauty rest. Even if it means waking up with hair like this:


mk said...

That is too funny that she likes tight spaces. I understand the paper obsession though. I can;t tell you how many poopy diapers we have had in our house with colored paper in it.

Don;t you just love them more when they have bed head?!

Aunt Beck said...

Sarah has crazy hair like Mommom!

nicole said...

Oh my cuteness! Those pics are all priceless!!

Shell said...

She is soooo adorable!

Jenny said...

Number 8 makes me all melty.