Monday, January 22, 2007

1.21.07 Snowy House

1.21.07 Snowy House
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The first snow in our new house! It snowed all day Sunday so that when we got home around dusk our house was nicely covered. The neighborhood was quiet and picturesque. I like when it snows. It seems like we have winters that go to one extreme or the other: some years we will have tons of snow, feet worth that keep you inside for days before you can get the cars out. And other years where there is barely any snow at all. So far I think this year will be the latter. Of course it always gets people all worked up. The local news stations kick into high gear with their "winter blast" updates and ways to prepare your car with a week's worth of supplies in the event you are stranded in the snow.

I plan on taking the kids outside in the snow today. They both have snowsuits that need to be worn and I have to take pictures of them! I'm sure Sarah will sit like a little bump in the snow since she probably won't be able to move around much. And I think Jack will be excited to run around and shovel and play.

Then we will come inside for what Jack calls, chocolate tea.


mk said...

Your house is so beautiful. Sometimes I wish we had snow here form time to tie. Looks so peaceful! Can't wait to se ethe snow play pics!

Jenny said...

Mmm...chocolate tea.

PS. Your house looks like something out of a fairytale.

mk said...

BY the way- tag your it!

Nicole said...

Your house is SO pretty!!! Oh, it looks so nice there with the snow and all. I too sometimes wish we had snow here.