Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lightning McQueen Theater

The actors, Daddy McQueen, Mommy McQueen, and Jack McQueen along with their reluctantly photographed director.

Act I
Jack McQueen to Daddy McQueen: Hi. How're you? What you going to do? You going to play the piano? Okay.

Act II
Jack McQueen to Mommy McQueen: I have a boo-boo. (Pointing to a side window) Right here. You kiss it.
Mommy McQueen drives over to Jack McQueen and gives him a bumper to bumper kiss.

The End.

One reviewer said, Best show of the day. Now, will one of those cars fit in my mouth?


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mk said...

Sarah's hair is getting so long!

Wonderful play! Applause to all!

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