Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Jack will be 3 in April and so that means it is time to look into preschool for him for the fall. Preschool. As in a place where my baby would go several times a week without me and learn things and play and make friends. Did I mention he would go without me?

It is kind of a shock to my delicate mother's system that we have to start thinking about this now. I am not quite ready to send him off to school and into the big, cruel world.

The other night at dinner, my husband asked Jack, "Would you like to go to school next year?" And Jack's eyes lit up and he said, "Oh, yes! I will be big!"

And my eyes welled up with tears. No! Wait! Stay home with me!

(And maybe I am a being tad dramatic about the whole thing.)

This morning Jack, Sarah and I went to a preschool to take a tour. As we pulled into the parking lot, Jack said, "This is my school!" When we went in the classroom, Jack went right over and played with the toys and then sat down at a table and painted. A sweet little girl handed him a paint ice cube and he helped himself to a piece of paper.

Jack did not want to leave.
Walking to the car, I consoled him, telling him that he could come to school when he is 3 and big.
He cried, "I am BIG. I am 3 NOW!"


mk said...

Since we wnats to go so bad is there anyway that you can start him right when he turns 3? or in the summer? I am sorry it is so hard! I know how hard it was for me to take Abbie to school when I went to back to work. I can only imagine how it would feel if she had been home with me until she was 3. Hang in there and breath. Think of it as time for you to just have Sara time!

Meg said...

Aw! That's sweet. Hopefully the good news will be that you won't have a very upset child when it comes time to drop him off.

nicole said...

I can't imagine how you must feel - such a big life change for all of you around the corner but so awesome that he's so excited about it! How cute!!

Be Inspired Always said...

My son acted the same way. He was so excited about going to preschool. Getting to do new things.

I had a panic attack just thinking about it, not seeing him til noon.

But it changed when he actually had to go. He was always at my side, never left it.

So I drew him a heart on a piece of paper, folded it up and he took it with him. I told him whenever you miss me, just take it out of your pocket, unfold it.. and press it to your heart. I'm always with you. His eyes brightened up and I knew my baby was growing up.

So off he went... and he loves school until this day, and he's 10.


Mama Drama Jenny said...

They grow up so quickly.

I think in a way I'm lucky that Hailey has been in school since she was 3 months old. It makes it a little easier when it's all you've ever known.

mk said...

haven;t hears rom you ina while on here- all ok?