Friday, November 02, 2007

Swim Lessons, Take Two

So it is Day 2 of NaBloPoMo, I am rocking out on my other blog. Photos are just so much easier to come by than words! I have several posts already written over there saved up for the next few days. But over here...I'm starting to get nervous, what if I can't think of anything to say? Or what if I forget?

But it's not dire, yet. I have a little post-it next to the computer with a few ideas jotted down.


The kids started swim lessons last week. If you recall last time, Jack took swim lessons and Sarah and I sat and watched in suspense, breaths held while Jack went through the roller coaster of emotions, struggling to be brave and try new things. It was such a great experience for him. He learned how to blow bubbles, "spider-walk" along the wall, and really to have some confidence about being in the water. I was so moved and touched by the gentleness and effectiveness of his teacher that I wrote her a little note when the class was over, thanking her and blubbering on about what a good experience this was for him.

After a summer of swimming, and discovering that Sarah is part fish, we enrolled both kids in lessons.

I can't begin to tell you how worth it it is to schlep all the swimming crap, dry clothes, towels and to get myself in the pool. Jack jumps up and down as we get ready because he is so excited to go. And Sarah requests "ap-pools, ap-pools" which means singing the apple song that concludes with her jumping in from the side.

Jack is so confident in the pool this time! He tells me he sits on the step where the water touches his chin and he happily describes making a monkey face to jump in and scooping ice cream and mixing brownies and airplane arms and rocket ship arms. I have no idea what this all means, but it makes wonderful sense to him.

I may just have to write another sappy note to his teacher for speaking his language and really showing him how great an (almost) swimmer he can be.


Christina said...

sounds like you have two little fishies on your hands! Monkey faces and airplanes and ice cream -what a fun time!

Misty said...

So cute... Even though I don't know your kids, I could totally envision some random kids, in my mind, doing as you described... :)

Arizaphale said...

A good swimming teacher is worth their weight etc etc. We had one Hitler lady who wanted the Baby Angel to put her face in when she just wasn't ready!!!! (age 4) I asked her to back off for a bit until she got her confidence up, which I knew she would, she is a fish too. The teacher was very snippy with me and informed me that 'putting your face in' was 'the whole point'. Yes, I acknowledged but perhaps just for THIS week....anyway, I observed my BA standing on the side of the pool shouting at the woman that she 'hated her'!!! We left that swim school, forfeiting quite a bit of pre paid money, went to another and within two weeks the BA was diving to the bottom of the pool!!! So much so that she could never listen to the teacher because she was always underwater!! :-D Flowers and ribbons to your teacher.